Edgeless® Mopping System

Edgeless® Mopping System

Edgeless Mops are made from strong, durable knitted polyester, eliminating contamination from breakage and deterioration common with cotton and rayon string mops. Cleanroom laundered Edgeles Mops are made from a continuous tube of 100% polyester knitted fabric looped to form tubular mop strands that will not shed or break.

  • Cleanest floor mopping system available for critical environments
  • Patented Textured and Long Textured Edgeless Mops feature unique ribbed, twisted strands that are more sorbent than traditional tube mops and has a textured head band that is ideal when additional abrasion resistance is required.
  • All mops are available sterilized by gamma radiation, and can be sterilized by ETO and steam (autoclave) sterilization methods. Validated sterile per the AAMI/ISO Guidelines to a 10-6 SAL. Certificates of sterility are available


  • Dynamate Edgeless Mop Frame: Interchangeable mop head frame has a capped end and a quick-connect feature that allows for easy attachment to compatible handles. Fully autoclavable. Compatible with all styles of Edgeless Mops. Use with Contec interchangeable fiberglass, stainless steel or anodized aluminum handles.
  • Interchangeable Mop Handles: We recommend the QuickConnect 60" (152.4cm) stainless steel one piece handle for most applications. Lightweight anodized aluminum or electro-polished stainless steel 50" (127cm) handles that extend to 92" (233.7cm) are also available. Fully autoclavable. View QuickConnect Mop Handles for a complete list of handles. 
  • For non-sterile use, a 64" (162.5cm) fiberglass handle is available (A71612).  


  • Designed for semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries for lab clean up and process area cleaning
  • Ideal for general purpose cleaning in ISO Class 3 as well as less critical environments.
  • Designed for wet/damp mopping.
  • Rugged polyester construction is ideal for tough cleaning tasks.
  • Compatible with a wide range of chemicals and disinfectants
Minimums may apply on some styles.
Style #DescriptionPack 
EL-MOPEdgeless Mop1 mop/bag; 20 bags/case
EL-MOP IREdgeless Mop, Sterile1 mop/bag; 20 bags/case
ELMOP3Textured Edgeless Mop, White Tail Band1 mop/bag; 30 bags/case
ELMOP3IRTextured Edgeless Mop, White Tail Band, Sterile1 mop/bag; 30 bags/case
EL-MOPTLong Textured Edgeless Mop1/bag, 20 bags/case
2646Dynamate QuickConnect Lightweight Mop Head Frame 6" x 7"1 each/case
2640Handle with Mop Head Frame, 1 piece, 60" Stainless Steel1 each/case
2641Handle with Mop Head Frame, 2 Piece, 60" Stainless Steel1 each/case
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